2018 Scholars

Want to hear from our scholars? Andre Griffin and Amin Mahamoud were recently interviewed on KMOJ about the scholarship program. Read the interview transcript

Abdihakin Mohamud.jpg

Adbihakin Mohamud

International Relations,
Augsburg University

Abdikhaliq Sahal.jpg

Abdikhaliq Sahal

Biology (Pre-Med),
Augsburg University

Amin Mohamoud.jpg

Amin Mahamoud

University of St. Thomas

Andre Griffin.jpg

Andre Griffin

Secondary Education & History,
Augsburg Universty

Jordan Schenck.jpg

Jordan Schenck

Mechanical Engineering,
University of St. Thomas

Matt Adeola.jpg

Matt Adeola

University of St. Thomas

Leo O'Ryan.jpg

Leo O’Ryan

Film & New Media,
Augsburg University

Mohamed Mahamud.jpg

Mohamed Mahamud

University of St. Thomas

Mahir Ibrahim 2.jpg

Mahir Ibrahim

Management Information Systems, Augsburg University

Malcolm Lawson.jpg

Malcolm Lawson

Political Science,
University of St. Thomas

Riccardo Williams.jpg

Riccardo Williams

Business Communication,
University of St. Thomas

Robel Ponds.jpg

Robel Ponds

Biology (Pre-Med),
University of St. Thomas


Program Facilitators & Manager


Carolyn Jones

Minnesota Private College Fund

“Talking to the Ciresi Walburn Scholars, they all attest to the incredible impact of this support. Along with critical scholarship dollars, they’re gaining so much from the chance to build their leadership skills and plan for their futures. I can’t wait to see what they do next.”

Abdul Omar.jpg

Dr. Abdul M. Omari

AMO Enterprise

“Young college students are faced with numerous barriers on a given day. Success requires a level of personal commitment and hard work coupled with external support. This program requires the first from scholars and assists with the second.”


Jamil Stamschror-Lott

Creative Kupoyna

“The incredible team combined with the phenomenal talent and brilliance the scholar’s possess within the Ciresi Walburn College Scholars program has allowed us to cultivate a communal culture of healthy wholesome success.”